The Staten Island War Dog Memorial

Every Veterans Day we remember the men and women who served our country – but what about our canine veterans? Service dogs are an integral part of the U.S. military, doing everything from sniffing out bombs to assisting veterans with post-traumatic stress...

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Back to School Blues

Going back to work? Kids going back to school in some shape or form? Don't forget about your best friend who was with you every second of the day for the past 6 months! As the world awakes from it's Covid slumber, we're all looking forward to socializing, working,...

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It’s been far too long since we’ve seen our furry friends! As we slowly work our way back, please keep in mind we are carefully following CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This includes practicing social distancing, washing our hands, using hand...

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It’s Kitten Season—AGAIN

I know it seems like only a year ago when we first talked about the phenomenon called “Kitten Season.” But that’s because it happens every year! Just as we look forward to sunny skies and warmer weather, shelter workers brace themselves for a difficult season of...

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Does My Dog Really Need to Wear a Jacket?

One of my first experiences as a dog owner was walking my new puppy in a park and being approached by a random person who asked me, “Shouldn’t your dog be wearing a sweater?” I stared at the woman like she had two heads. “No, she’s a dog,” I responded. “She’s...

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