Cats, Cars and Cold

Most people have heard of rodents getting caught in car engines, but did you know that cats occasionally get stuck under hoods too? This happens because stray cats hide under cars in order to stay warm on cold nights. Sometimes cats will climb inside the engine to...

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Why Easter and Bunnies Don’t Mix

It’s Easter time again. Pet store windows are filled with adorable baby bunnies. Your kids are begging you to buy one. It’s so hard to resist. After all, you think, wouldn’t this be the perfect, low-maintenance “starter pet” for a young child? Think again! Every year,...

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Green Pets for Earth Day

Pets are a lot of work and responsibility. They need tons of love and attention and a lot of food. The large amount of food that pets eat and the cost it takes to transport cross-country cause some environmentalists to claim that owning a pet is worse for the...

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Presidential Pets of the White House

 There’s an old saying in U.S. politics: “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”.  It’s a pithy way of explaining how quickly relationships can turn in the Capitol. But – if you think about it – the phrase also contains a pretty practical bit of advice for...

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New Year’s Eve Pet Safety

Big parties, crowds, fireworks, and… fun? Pet owners often don’t realize that the noise and festivities that often accompany New Year’s Eve – even if you’re staying home and watching them on TV – aren’t much fun for most pets! My dog, like many dogs, is terrified of...

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Hanukkah Pet-Safety Tips

For all our Jewish furr-iends celebrating Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, Happy at Home offers these quick tips to ensure your pets remain safe during the eight-day celebration. • To avoid your pet being burned or causing a fire hazard, confine them away from the...

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