Dog Sitting in Staten Island

While you’re away, Fido takes a Staycation! Let Happy at Home Pet Sitters feed, walk, belly rub and love on your pooch. You have fun on vacation, and your furry family has fun at home. It’s a win-win!

Easy. No drop-off or pick-up before departure. Walk out the door and head to the airport; walk into your home and return to your happy pooch!

Safe. Awesome in-home care means no exposure to other dogs and their germs. Your pooch is safe in his own home without the risk of injuries or bad habits learned from the less-savory canine types.

One of our pet sitters will visit your home up to 4 times per day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Late Night – to take care of your precious pals.

30 minutes of fun, companionship and care – $30 per visit.
Each additional dog in the same household $5

Included In Every Visit


Food Service

Dinner is served! Wet or dry? We take your dog’s dietary needs very seriously.


Water Check

We refill the water bowls with fresh water each visit.



We’ll go out in the yard for a potty break or a short walk through the neighborhood.



Enrichment, including playing, petting and ample attention, is the best part of our day. Fetch the ball, anyone?


Accident Clean-Up

Everybody has accidents. We come equipped.


The Doctor Is In

We will administer medications (including injections) when needed.


Mobile Check-Ins

We’ll send you pics and messages with doggy updates, so you don’t ever have to worry!


Household Tasks

You don’t have to ask your neighbor to water the plants or get the mail because it’s included with our service

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