Most people have heard of rodents getting caught in car engines, but did you know that cats occasionally get stuck under hoods too? This happens because stray cats hide under cars in order to stay warm on cold nights.

Sometimes cats will climb inside the engine to seek shelter. Unfortunately, this is not a safe place for cats. When unsuspecting car owners turn on their ignition, the moving belts can injure, maim or kill the cat.

To help prevent cats and other animals in your neighborhood from getting under your hood, consider the following tips:

·        Whenever possible, park your car in your garage.

·        Honk your horn or tap on the hood before starting your car to scare away any cats.

·        Slam your car door and make noise to give the cat a chance to get away.

·        The goal is to make noise so any sleeping animals have a chance to scurry off.

So the next time you leave for work in the morning, tap your hood or honk your horn — it just might save a life.

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