What if you went out to dinner one night and on the way home, you were in an auto accident? (Hopefully that NEVER happens to you!). How would anyone know if your pet is home alone? Especially for an extended period of time? I know of people who think they have things “covered” because they have a note on their refrigerator door with instructions on how to care for their pets. That’s great if they also have tattooed on their forehead, “I have pets at home” along with an address and a door key hanging from an ear.  Without either, how is anyone to know they have pets, and how is anyone to get into the house to care for them? Well, now you can carry a “personalized pet ID wallet card” with your pet’s name, information and emergency contact info that you keep in your wallet, behind your driver’s license I.D. The card says:

  • MY DOG/CAT/PET is home alone. If I become ill or injured, please contact the people on the reverse side of this card who will care for my pet.

On the back of the card, list the emergency contact name, phone number, cell number and email address. It’s suggested that it be someone who lives close by you (a neighbor or friend) who can get to your home quickly to take care of your pet. There are also I.C.E. key tags to make sure the right person in your life would be contacted promptly. Cell phone? Not likely. Studies show that is will be lost in the passenger compartment or broken by the impact. If it is recovered, it is probably locked. If your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts can’t be reached, if you live alone, have no friends or family, or are new in town, it’s not a bad idea to find a professional pet sitting service before you need one, which, if all else fails, can at least get to your pets immediately until someone is found to fill in. Happy at Home provides on-call emergency pet care services. Our clients and their pets are like family. We are always willing to jump in and help when or where we can in the event of a crisis or emergency. There are no additional charges for emergency on-call services. This is a specialized service we are happy to provide as a courtesy for our established clientele and their pets. The only prerequisite for providing these services is we must have previously cared for the pets. Our clients are able to call, email or text anytime to ask for emergency assistance caring for their pets. We will respond as soon as we are able and will begin caring for your pet until you return.

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