It’s definitely something you don’t see every day— especially on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


A pack of pooches—mostly huskies, getting around by means of ‘mushing’ or as most would call it dog sledding.


The man leading the pack literally, is Tyler Hooff, founder of New York City Dog Mushers—the first of its kind in the Big Apple.


“It’s sort of like waking up that instinct inside of them,” [Its like] teaching these huskies how to be huskies again.”


According to Hoof, throughout their entire lives, dogs are taught not to pull but the fact is, their genetically programmed to pull.


“Its sort of waking up this inner self again and helping these dogs come to their full potential,” he said.


What first started out as a hobby for Hooff with a skateboard and friend’s dog has flourished into a business that’s turning heads.


It’s also helping our 4-legged friends release that built-up energy that’s comes with being a city-dwelling dog confined to a tiny city apartment.


While all breeds are welcomed, there are a few exceptions.


Participants must be at least 30 pounds and have an eagerness to mush it out.


To learn more visit the NYC Dog Mushers Facebook page or email Tyler Hooff at [email protected].

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