For us, that means a great raincoat for me and great raincoats for the dogs. I know, I know, dressing up dogs, right? It’s not for everyone. I’m not suggesting you get them bunny slippers or anything, but a good quality dog rain coat is actually more for me than it is for my dogs. Felix especially has fur that soaks up water like a sponge. Keeping the rain off him as much as possible can cut my grooming time literally in half. It’s crazy. I don’t have to blow dry him for longer than a few minutes, I don’t have to brush leaves and twigs out of his undercarriage, and he’s not so soggy wet that he leave a wet puddle wherever he stands. A good coat can also help prevent wet dog smell. I’m not even kidding. A good coat, along with some DIY Grooming Spray can help keep wet dog smell at bay.   

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