It’s a tricky problem. In the United States, over 7 million pets go missing every year. 26% of dogs are reported and returned home, but for cats it’s less than 5%. That’s an outrage! Why the disparity?? Three reasons:

  1. More dogs have I.D. collars on than cats do
  2. Cats are better at hiding (When that little ninja hairball of yours runs away, often times he’s scared, sick or injured and doesn’t want to be found)
  3. When people see a dog running around the neighborhood, they assume it’s lost. When people see a cat running around the neighborhood, they just assume it’s an outdoor cat, so it never gets reported.

The solution? If your cat is an indoor kitty, dress them in orange. Put an orange collar on them. Why orange?

  1. Orange is bright and reflective. Making it easier to find those furry little samurais when they run away.
  2. It brands your indoor cat as a convict.

The idea here is that we turn more lost cats into found cats. Indoor cat owners: By putting orange collars on your kitties, it signals to the people of the world that your cat belongs inside. People of the world: If you see a cat running around wearing orange, know that they are an escaped convict. They are a lost cat.  

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