Summer is here and many of us have gardens and/or flowers planted around our yards.  When you’re home, it’s no problem to make sure they are watered (especially with all the rain this year) but what happens when you go away?

We’d be happy to water your plants or gardens but we have to warn you.

We’re pet sitters, not horticulturists.

Our main focus is your pets.  They come first.

If you have a lot of plants, please make it easier on the pet sitter and move them all to one area, close to the hose.  This saves us time.

I once had a client who had over a hundred, yes ONE HUNDRED potted plants outside (I counted!).  There was no way I could water them all at once during one visit, so I found myself watering several each and every time I came to walk their dog; three times per day.

We have also had clients set up a sprinkler system on a timer so their gardens were watered automatically while they were gone!

Please note that, while we will work hard to follow your written instructions as precisely as possible, we can’t be held responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my Grandmother’s green thumb.  I swear, she could make rocks grow.