It’s that time of year we’ve all been waiting for – Spring! We are finally getting our long-awaited sunshine, fields of green grass to roll around in and rain showers that bring plenty of mud for pups to party in. As we roll back into motion after winter there is so much to do. Twice as much if you’re a proud pet parent! In addition to thinking about your tan and planning summer fun, there are important steps you need to take to prep your pet for the return of warm weather!

 ·       Vaccinations – Is your pet up to date? Warm weather can bring your pet into contact with risks you need strong vaccinations against. Digging in the dirt? Contact with wildlife? Ask your vet to ensure your pets rabies, parvo, and other vaccinations are all up to date!


·       Collar with Contact Info – Lost pet numbers always rise with the temperatures. Even if your pet is micro-chipped  make sure they have a secure collar with your contact details clearly listed on it!


·       Heartworm Prevention – Prep your pet for the upcoming mosquito season before it arrives! Whether you treat with oral medication or a shot, make sure your pet stays healthy by administering their spring dose!


·       Fleas and Ticks – These buggers always make it out earlier than you expect and then before you know it, you’re fighting an infestation instead of doing simple Spring Prep! Many pet owners keep up flea and tick prevention year round, but if you’re a pet parent that lets it lapse over the winter, prep now! If you’ve got a new puppy or kitten check with your vet first to determine dosing for their size and age.

Whew! Now take them for a t-r-e-a-t (shhh, don’t let your pup hear you say it!) after all those shots and medicine. Throw those windows open, welcome the fresh air and make sure this spring they hit a few mud puddles with you!

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